CEO Alliance for Sustainability

We believe in a world where businesses must respond to the challenges of the 21st century and contribute to a prosperous, just and inclusive society within the planetary boundaries.

Collectif de CEOs et d’administrateurs


2030, our values

2030 est un collectif de CEOs (et d’administrateurs.trices) belges lancé fin 2020 pour échanger sur le besoin pressant de transformations sociétales et la nécessaire réinvention des entreprises.


Intellectual rigour




Systemic vision


Our strategic directions

To support individual and collective actions that contribute to building a just, inclusive and prosperous society within global limits, we focus on 3 strategic areas.


Share our experiences and questions on the transformation of our companies towards more sustainable activities contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Inform on key issues relevant to these transformations

Raising awareness & communicate

Raising awareness and communicating outside the group by reporting on our actions

Equipe qui collabore

Our activities

Annual programme

We offer 10 evenings per year, alternating between case studies presented by our members and transversal thematic sessions presented by external experts. The evenings are divided between presentations by speakers and sub-group discussions, allowing for the sharing of experiences and the development of new knowledge through collective intelligence.
Our program is fed by proposals from our members and may evolve during the year, depending on opportunities and the outcome of our exchanges.

HIGHLIGHT – Jean-Marc Jancovici – 15/11/2022

The world without end - STREAMING


Past sessions


List of sessions for 2020 - 2021 - 2022

/ 2023

Inequality and poverty


C. Van der Hoeven
Q. Quintard



Isabelle Callens / Olivier Gevart

Alpha Innovation / Jema


Sophie Trinon / Nicolas Bronchart



Andrew Stirling
Complex thinking

SNCB / urbike


T. Georgin, P. Couchard / Philippe Lovens

Ecosteryl / Maisons Blavier


Amélie Matton / Louis Amory

Food systems



Tartes de Françoise / Sodexo


Jean Baisier / Michel Croisé

Strategy and commitment




Publications and resources of interest

2030 aims to share its thoughts with as many people as possible

We want to raise awareness and communicate outside the group by reporting on our actions. Would you like to receive our publications? Do not hesitate to leave us your contacts through our form.

Equipe SDG goals 2030

Resources of interest

Many initiatives and publications inspire us. In preparation of our sessions, during the exchanges or between our evenings, we share with each other what has helped us make progress in our thinking and reference publications on certain subjects.

We are delighted to share these with anyone who might be interested.

Our members

A committed group

“Building bridges without assuming who’s the good and the bad guy is a great way of learning” – Emmanuel Faber

As CEOs and Board members, we have an impact on all dimensions of the companies in which we are active.
We express our commitment to the 2030 vision.

We contribute annually to the functioning of the group (membership fee currently set at 2750€/year).

We strive to be caring, open to dialogue and listening. We can challenge each other and share our opinions and hear opposing views in a way that respects each other.



Do not hesitate to contact us for more information